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Compact Bathroom Inspiration

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Compact Bathroom Inspiration:

Looking for compact bathroom inspiration and advice? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
In a small property, the bathroom is usually one of the rooms where the lack of space is most noticeable. Thankfully, there are options that help to make the most of the space in a compact bathroom.

Having a small bathroom is one of the great challenges for interior design. However, there are ways to make it look much more spacious than it really is. This may involve; choosing compact fittings and/or planning the right layout with a good design. These points are essential in fully meeting your needs and making the room visually attractive.

Layout in small bathrooms

Even if it is only a few square meters in size, a small bathroom can be stylish, practical and, above all, make efficient use of space. The first step is a good layout. When planning your bathroom, there are minimum measurements for creating a usable space, both for the fittings and for the spaces between them, and it is important to ensure we make the best use of every bit of space available to us.

Below we breakdown some things to consider when planning your new bathroom:

Black Bathroom Towel Rack

Choosing the right compact fittings

As well as small fittings, a way of making the bathroom look bigger is to use wall-mounted and recessed items. The keys to choosing each of the items needed are outlined below.

Compact toilets

To save as much space as possible, the best option is to use solutions like built-in cisterns and wall-mounted toilets, which save space and are easier to clean. There are compact models that only protrude around 50 cm from the wall. In-line with the recent energy price increase we would also recommend finding a toilet which is water-efficient and reduces the amount of water used with each flush.

Get in touch with our team today if you’d like a conversation about choosing the right toilet for you, we’d be more than happy to run you through some of the options in our catalog to find a toilet best suited for you.

Washbasins for small bathrooms

Wall-mounted washbasins not only make cleaning the bathroom easier, but also reduce the visual elements in the bathroom, in line with a minimalist approach to décor.

In order to make the best use of space, shelves or a bathroom unit can be fitted under a wall-mounted washbasin, providing useful storage space for our personal belongings and bathroom essentials, so that the rest of the bathroom is clear and uncluttered.

Bahtroom Cosy Floor Mat
Before vs After BLACK

With access to hundreds of different wall-mounted wash basins we’re confident we’ll have the perfect fit (no pun intended) for your new bathroom. No matter your style, colour scheme or space limitations – we have a long list of incredible compact designs for YOU.


Recessed taps

In a compact bathroom it is essential to create a unified setting and reduce fittings and other items to the minimum. Recessed washbasin taps will leave more space free around the washbasin; built-in toilet cisterns help to create a sensation of space; for exquisite elegance choose a floor-level shower tray; while recessed sprinklers and taps in showers can provide uniquely relaxing experiences and eliminate visual noise in the bathroom.

When designing a smaller bathroom, opting for an electric heated towel rail will maximise user comfort. They take up less space in a room with limited dimensions. Making them incredibly practical and simple. Flat designs give you all the functionality of a towel rail and radiator at the same time.


Utilising bathroom space 1

There are a number of options available, together with our team you can decide which would be the best option for you. Thankfully, many of these appliances are simple to fix to the wall and connect to your mains electricity without having to do any major works.

Advice/Ideas for optimising space in the bathroom:

By following a series of guidelines for bathroom decoration, you can have a compact bathroom that looks larger and more welcoming.

Lighting a small bathroom

  • Light is particularly important in a compact bathroom. If you know how to play with it you can create the maximum visual space. Having a lot of natural light is important, and the source of the light should be at the far end of the room. This will increase the depth of the field and give a sensation of spaciousness.
    Light colours: a must for designing smaller bathrooms
  • More light, more space. When designing a small bathroom you need to make it as bright as possible. Get as much natural light into it as you can. If you can’t, use light colours to make the most of artificial light.
  • You’ll create a sense of relaxation and calm as well as visual lightness. Adding wood accents to white will give you a warm feel – it’s a winning combination.

Play with mirrors

The space can be made to look larger by the skillful use of mirrors in the bathroom. The reflection, coupled with the presence of natural light, will create a sensational and practical optical effect.

Combine materials

Combining tiling with special wallpaper for wet areas, in different finishes, will give the room a distinctive aesthetic touch.

● Create comfortable areas
● Take advantage of every corner to create storage space


We hope you found this blog informative and useful. We also hope you got some form of inspiration for what you can do with your (or lack of) bathroom space. For more compact bathroom inspiration & advice why not follow us on social media?

If you want to have a conversation with one of our specialists about making the most of your bathroom space, get in touch today. We’d love to support you with planning and designing the perfect bathroom to suit all your wants and needs.


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