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Best ways to warm up a bathroom

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How to warm up a bathroom for winter

Do you sometimes find yourself shivering in your bathroom?
Well, you’re not alone… Bathrooms can be one of the coldest rooms in the house. In fact, the materials used in a bathroom are much harder and colder, such as porcelain tiles. These materials are waterproof, making them more suitable for a bathroom than carpet or wallpaper, but it can contribute to that cold feeling you associate with this space. Not to mention, they also require a window or extractor fan, which can let in cold drafts.
Unfortunately, getting out of the bath or shower into the cold can ruin your much-needed relaxation time and make cold mornings unbearable… But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to warm up your bathroom in time for winter.
Below are some (relatively) cheap and cheery ideas to consider for your bathroom:

Re-seal your windows

If your windows let in drafts, we recommend taking a close look at the seals. If they are visibly old and pulling away it’s probably worth resealing them for better insulation. There are many online DIY tutorials to help you out, alternatively, a trades person should be able to effortlessly fix the issue.

Adhesive window insulation

Using adhesive vinyl is a great way of keeping the heat from escaping your bathroom though closed windows. This simple technique reduces heat loss through the glass and won’t affect how much sunlight comes into your room.

Warm your toes with cozy bath mats

Not only are bath mats great for design, avoiding slippery floors, but they also provide an added layer of insulation. Plus, we can all agree that stepping out onto a fluffy bath mat is a much more comfortable experience than landing on cold, hard tiles.

Warm your bathroom with candles

While we can appreciate that lighting a candle isn’t going to warm up your bathroom, it can help make the room feel warmer. If you’re taking a long soak in the bath, lighting candles is a wonderfully relaxing touch that can take the chill out of the air (while adding your favourite aromas into the air).

Trap warmth with thick blinds

Do you have blinds in your bathroom already?
If not, or you do but they’re not helping much we recommend thick, fabric blinds that cover your window cavity. These are a brilliant way to trap warm air into your bathroom, as well as providing added privacy during your more personal moments. Roller blinds are a good alternate option as they come in fabric styles but don’t take up too much room.

Time for some new towels?

As you can imagine, after years of regular washing, towels lose their plumpness and softness, and can become a little bit tatty. If your colour of choice for your towels is white, overtime they may become discoloured and appear dirty too.

A simple way to make bathing and showering more pleasurable during winter is to invest in new towels. Burying yourself into something soft and fluffy might just make all the difference after getting out a warm shower into cold air.

Warm up the decor

When it comes to decorating our bathrooms we tend to always stick to colder colours. Blues, whites, greys and greens; while we agree these look lovely, they can add to the feeling of a cold room. Adding a feature wall in a warmer colour, like pink, yellow, or a sandy neutral, for instance, can help lift the space and make it feel warmer.

Thick Bathroom Blinds
Bathroom Wooden Decor

Using natural materials

Ceramics are cold and hard by nature, so counterbalancing them with other warmer materials will help dilute their impact. Bringing in some more natural tones like wood, slate and cotton can help warm up a bathroom.

Warm up the lighting

A trend that we’re seeing a lot more of these days is the use of LED spotlights in bathrooms, due to their convenience. However, the light they give out can be quite harsh.
For reference:
Light at around 4000K and above replicates daylight and is considered cold light.
Light measured at 3000K and below, on the other hand, is warmer and provides a tone similar to that of candle or firelight. Switching up your bulbs to warmer tones can help to take the visible chill out of your space.

If you’ve tried the ideas above and they haven’t quite given you the results you’re looking for, why not try one of these more permanent ways of heating up your bathroom?

LED Bathroom Lighting
Black Bathroom Towel Rack

Install a heated towel rack

This is one of the more effective ways of warming up a bathroom because you benefit from heat that spreads around the room as well as warm, dry towels. Heated towel racks come in both electric and central heating powered models and there are hundreds of styles available.
*If you have any questions about heated towel racks and want some advice from an expert feel free to get in touch with our team.*

Invest in underfloor heating

If you’re willing to invest a little more money into warming up your bathroom, then underfloor heating is the way to go. Electric underfloor heating mats are cost-effective to run once installed and only raise the floor level by around 1cm.
Usually they take around a day to fit, depending on your flooring and the size of your room. Underfloor heating provides an even distribution of heat throughout the room and feels luxuriously toasty underfoot – just what you need on a cold winter morning!

Get an electric panel heater

Although some electric heaters won’t be suitable for use in the bathroom (due to the risk of water contact), there are now many varieties designed for this very purpose. They can be affixed to the wall and controlled from outside the room, making them safe to operate.

Hopefully you’ve found these ideas useful. If you’re considering any of these options, or a wider bathroom renovation project, why not talk to our team?
We are always on hand to answer your questions and offer practical advice. You can get in touch with our team here.


Bathroom Towel Rack

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