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Top Tips for Bathroom Organisation

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Bathroom Organisation Ideas

Small bathrooms can often feel cramped and messy. With shower products, towels, and other bathroom essentials cluttering up the surfaces, it can sometimes be a struggle to stay tidy and organised. If you struggle with your cluttered bathroom,  you will appreciate what we have to share. In this blog, we discuss our top tips and tricks for bathroom organisation!

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Hooks For The Back Of The Bathroom Door 

Don’t worry we’re not telling you to drill into your beautiful door and make a mess. You can easily install suction hooks, which only take a minute to install.

Everyone overlooks this tiny little bit of storage space, but space gained in our books is always a good idea. Use this space to hang items like your dressing gown or fresh towels. This will keep the floor space clean and your bathroom looking spacious. 

Cabinets And Drawers For Bathroom Storage

Tall bathroom cabinets can provide a functional and very stylish bathroom storage solution. They don’t take up too much space, which is important if you have a small, cluttered bathroom.

You can keep your bathroom surfaces clear by going on a decluttering spree and filling them up with all your essentials, making them easily accessible and visually pleasing. Use draw dividers in your drawers and cabinets to take your organisation to the next level!

983 scaled

Labelling Small Bathroom Items

If you have way too many bathroom items lying around, labelling them and placing them into storage draws is a great way to organise your bathroom. We recommend getting a drawer organiser with clear compartments to see what you have inside. You can use each divider to store different categories of your favourite handy items, making them easier to find!  This is how we recommend you separate them : 

assortment beauty products displayed shelf

Bathroom Shelving

Open shelves are a perfect solution to messy bathroom counters. We often have lots of small items lying around to gain extra space in your bathroom and reclaim counter space, you should invest in bathroom shelving. The option we have pictured here is the ” floating shelf ” type of shelving.

This option is very aesthetically pleasing and a brilliant bathroom storage idea. We recommend ensuring they are moisture-proof shelving. This helps increase the life span of the product and streamlines the fitting process. 

Bathroom Shower Caddy

A bathroom shower caddy is perfect if you are looking for a clutter-free space to enjoy! You can fill it with toiletry items such as washcloths, shampoo, and conditioner to declutter the messy spaces that are usually around your shower and the small space next to the sink. This handy little storage space can assist you when you’re in the shower by having all the necessary items at hand. 

Bathroom Basket For Your Washing

To keep your bathroom clean and gain bathroom space, we recommend having a basket to throw your washing in. No one likes to see washing lying on the floor, so get rid of the kid’s excuses and give them somewhere to throw it instead of the floor.

You can also use a basket on top of any shelving units you have around the bathroom. This will allow you to keep the space clean and organised.

serenity cleanliness basket fresh laundry amidst tranquil ambiance scaled

Heated Towel Bar

When you open the cabinet door on your linen closet, where do you put the towel when you’re in the shower? We hope it’s not the precious floor. Not only does a towel rack give your bathroom that fancy modern look, but it also provides a luxurious, warm feeling when you take a towel off it and wrap it around you. 

One of our top tips to help organise your space and maximise small bathroom storage is to keep items off the floor! we have talked about this multiple times in the blog, but it is because it truly does ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

There are many options for heated towel racks, but here are our favourites… 

Bathroom Vanity Unit

This is a great and often overlooked space in the bathroom. It serves a double purpose by helping you get ready in the morning and doubling as a storage cabinet/medicine cabinet; you can store anything from hand towels to extra toilet paper. 

using drawer dividers can help maximise the organisation in your storage drawers and allow your bathroom to look clean and tidy. We have inserted our favourite vanity unit type with bathroom vanity drawers for inspiration. 

small bathroom with modern style ai generated

Designer Towel Rail

modern heated towel rail tiled bathroom wall scaled

Ladder Style Towel Rail

Paula St Albans 3

Modern Towel Rail

IMG 2183 1 scaled

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