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How to use smart technology in your 2023 bathroom design

smart bathroom tech

How to use smart technology in your 2023 bathroom design:


If you’re going to be planning a dream bathroom renovation in 2023, we suggest incorporating smart technology into your new space. Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes ie. smart homes, and there are several ways you can use it to create a more efficient, convenient, and stylish bathroom. There are so many new smart devices on the market ranging from temperature control to a smart shower and even a smart toilet!  


The bathroom is often one of the most important spaces in the house… Not only is it a necessary space for hygiene and grooming, but it can also be a relaxing and calming oasis in your home. With the right design choices, and the right smart gadgets you can use smart technology to create a smarter bathroom that meets all your needs.


If you’ve ever thought about creating a modern bathroom using some of the latest smart home technology, then you’ll love some of the smart home devices we’ve got to show you down below! In the meantime, if you like to see and find out how we have installed smart technology into our customer’s bathrooms, have a look at our home page for more information. We are specialists in fitting smart bathrooms!



Mirror, mirror, on the wall… These smart mirrors are like magic!


Smart bathroom tech bathroom controller 


These controllers can be installed by us or by other builders in St Albans giving you the opportunity to control all aspects of your bathroom with the click of a button! Talk about efficiency and the benefits of smart bathroom gadgets!


With the rapid advancement of smart technology and its energy savings potential, it is no surprise that it has been quickly adopted by society and is making its way into our bathrooms. Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular as it offers convenience and saving potential to all users, whether you’re looking to use less water or save money on energy bills.


Smart technology can make your bathroom experience more enjoyable and efficient. With voice-activated showers and toilets, you can control the temperature of your shower or flush the toilet without having to touch a single button. Automated faucets and lighting can help you save money by automatically turning off the water/electricity when not in use, while also providing a pleasant ambience with adjustable lighting levels.


The main advantages of smart bathroom technology:

– Convenience:

These high-tech restrooms have tools to take care of things you didn’t even know you needed, which is why 45% of homeowners stated they chose a tech-savvy bathroom to make their lives easier and more convenient over an ordinary bathroom. And who doesn’t love high-tech toilets?


– Security:

Reducing the likelihood of maintenance issues such as leaks or clogs, 16% of homeowners prefer the security of these state-of-the-art bathrooms.


– Savings:

Intelligent bathrooms save you money in multiple ways. 16% of families love that this technology adds value to their home and has the efficiency to help them save on their utility bills.

automated bathroom faucets for saving water


Ever considered underfloor heating for your smart bathroom?


Nothing beats stepping out of your warm comfy bed into a preheated bathroom with heated floors. On top of that, you can stay warm while drying off after your hot shower and avoid the cold air a home improvement everyone who love to have! 


These heating systems not only heat your bathroom with radiant heat, which has several benefits compared to traditional heating but has the potential to literally transform your bathroom. More efficient than a radiator, you can heat the entire room with less energy.


Incorporating smart technology into your 2023 bathroom design will make it easier for you to manage your daily routine while also making sure that you have a comfortable experience every time you leave the bathroom.


Wondering what you can do to bring your bathroom up-to-date? We suggest getting in touch with one of our bathroom experts for more information about the different types of bathroom technology, smart features and smart bathroom products you’d like installed in your new dream bathroom! We’d be happy to help you along your journey and serve your bathroom wants and needs.

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